KSA #10 Technology

Blogging: Does it have it’s place in Education?

You bet it does!

We have entered a techno-savy time and as educators we too must embrace the ways technology can enhance the learning in our classroom. That being said, like any other teaching tool, it has it’s place and will only be an effective tool to promote learning if it is used in an appropriate way. As educators it is crucial we determine how to use technology to promote learning. This could be a beginning use of this blog, to collaborate with colleagues to determine the do’s and don’t of technology in the classroom.

From an administrative standpoint

  • Blogging could be an effective tool when communicating with parents, as teachers we know we need to keep our students parents informed as to what is happening in the classroom. No longer will newsletters be lost on the way home from school or phone calls be erased before parents get home from work. Instead, parents can easily access our blog to receive updates about what is happening in their children’s classrooms. For students, the ‘dog ate my homework excuse’ has become outdated. With all of their work ‘in the cloud’ students can work on assignments from anywhere, when ever is convenient for them.

As an aspiring math and science teacher, I definitely see how blogging may also be useful as a teaching tool in both formative and summative assessment.

  • Let’s say I set up a blog for the courses that I teach and I post my notes, worksheets and additional resources on my blog for students to access. If a student has a question, they can comment directly on the blog entry to engage students and I in discussion to get clarification on the material that they are struggling with.

Blogging could also be used as an effective tool to enhance projects

  • Students could use a blog to correspond with experts in the field. If they were to create a blog on a topic of interest, they could then find experts in the field to review their blog and answer questions/provide feedback. This gives students a real world perspective of what is happening outside of the classroom, hopefully sparking inspiration to further their studies past high school in a field that interests them.

Until next time,
Mr. B


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