KSA #10 Technology

Interactive Whiteboards: Another Tool in a Teachers Tool Belt

For the past four years I have used an interactive whiteboard in the rookie reffing courses I teach. Every year prior to the clinic, I would get very excited at the thought of being able to use this special technological gift to enhance my reffing course. However, every year there would always be something that would inhibit me from using the technology to it’s full potential. Realistically, the fact that I use the interactive white boards twice a year, likely isn’t helping my becoming an expert at them. What was always really cool for me, was how quickly my students were to jump up and help me out, perhaps not knowing how to use the technology to it’s fully capability increases student participation even more?

In all seriousness, now that I have the program available to me on my computer and I have been able to play around with the programs for an upcoming presentation at school, I’ve seen there are vast number of resources available to teachers. In order for interactive white boards to be effective in the classroom, it will take teachers dedication to put the time into learning their full capabilities.

An awesome tool we learned about today was SMART Exchange, it’s a great resource where teachers can post past lesson plans that they have done utilizing SMART technology. Faster and easier than ever can teachers find resources they need and effectively build their Personal Learning Network (PLN). Teachers are no longer restricted by region or face-to-face contacts, but can interact with others around the world to help enrich and bring diversity and excitement into their teaching and their students learning.

Teachers need to embrace the technology that is at our fingertips, we are in a techno-savvy time where our students no longer want to take notes with pens and pencils, or listen to lectures. Students are thirsty for knowledge, but we need to present it in a way that is appealing to them and that is through the use of technology. If teachers choose to put in the time it will take to learn the technology, this could be one of the more powerful tools in their teaching belt. Otherwise, they will fall victim to the classical chalk on chalkboard, which our students today are having less and less interest in.

Until next time,
Mr. B


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