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This is the Life

I can title a post this, especially now because I am so fresh, so eager and so excited. I begin my practicum full time Wednesday! I have just submitted all of my assignments for the semester and it feels great to have my hands wiped clean of those.

Now I sit here, looking at the piles of resources I have checked out from the library and I smile. Why? Is it because I love planning so much and I can’t wait to record all of my activities that pertain to the SLO’s and GLO’s in the respective courses I am teaching? Not likely. Truthfully I am excited to begin my journey as a teacher in the classroom. Although I have some experience, it is very limited. Now I get to teach 1/3 of the time in addition to assisting, observing and planning.

The one and only Ms. Frizzle inspires my PSI motto:

“Take chances, make mistakes and get messy, [then reflect, get up and try again]”

I’ve been placed in a rural Claresholm, AB at West Meadows Elementary School in Grade 3. At first, I had requested Div II (Gr. 4-6), however since receiving my placement I truly am pumped to be where I am. I have a nicely sized class at 20, with students at a fantastic age in their life with a curriculum that provides endless opportunities; how could I not be excited?

This practicum I will be teaching Unit D: Hearing and Sound in Science and PHED (hopefully a combination of basic basketball and some dance) full time. Part of my practicum will involve me teaching LA and math. I am already brain storming how I can integrate the fantastic technology tools I have learned about this past semester into my lessons.

I really think this encompasses the purpose of PSI. This is the safest environment I will ever find myself in to take chances. With the support of my University consultant (UC) and Teacher Associate (TA) I am fortunate enough to be able to take risks and I plan to. With this I fully recognize that I may, more likely will, flop at some point and I am OKAY with this! The most important part of this motto is the reflection. I need to reflect on why I found success and where I can improve. This is one of the most, if not the most, important parts of a teaching career. Throughout my practicums and into my career, I will need to be constantly reflecting on each lesson I teach; this is how I will be able to constantly grow and become a better educator. Lastly, try again. Resiliency is important in this career, through constant reflection and collaboration I will be able to grow as a teacher and build more effective lessons.

For those who are experienced, you may need to re-find your passion. For the newbies like me, I sincerely hope that we never lose sight of this passion, years into our teaching career.

Until next time,
Mr. B


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