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Born to Teach Students, not Subjects

Prior to beginning my PSI, I turned my nose to the thought of teaching elementary. Since being in my PSI and teaching grade three, my feelings towards elementary school have completely changed… I absolutely LOVE grade three! This being said, I have had an opportunity to student teach in grade one, which was not for me but grade three and up I could totally see myself teaching and loving.

One of the funniest parts of the situation is that one of my favourite things to teach is Language Arts. I understand that grade three Language Arts isn’t exactly intense, but this is a huge statement coming from a math and science major. The learning that takes place in Language Arts is absolutely unbelievable. In grade three they are at a time in their life where scaffolding their reading and writing skills that they have been building in earlier grades is crucial. My TA tells me that the growing the students will accomplish by the end of the year is absolutely enormous; it makes me sad that I won’t be able to stay to see my students fully grow. If the strides they have taken in the short four weeks that I have been in their classroom is any indication, then I can’t even fathom where these students will be by the end of their time in grade three.

“Born to Teach Students, not Subjects”

I have a friend back home who told me this was a philosophy she had once heard. At the time, it scared me. The thought of teaching anything but math and science was terrifying. It wasn’t until now, that I have had the opportunity to not only be in the classroom but be involved in a portion of the teaching, does this make sense. I have realized through this practicum, that no matter the student – their predisposed gifts or disadvantages, their likes or dislikes, their personality, etc. – or the subject matter that I am teaching, I don’t care; I just love to teach.

I think that this is an extremely important lesson to learn early on in my teaching career. Teaching something you love is fantastic, but loving to teach is something entirely different. The passion that I have for teaching is something that I need to, and can, harness to put into what ever subject or grade level I am placed in (for future practicums) or job I take in the future. It is my passion for teaching and learning and my love for students that makes each day fly by faster and faster not my love and passion for the subject matter. 

Until next time,
Mr. B


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