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The far off distant future came fast, really fast

Twenty five days ago, Nov 7, 2012, in the midst of all of my final course assignment deadlines the final week of practicum  seemed in the far off distant future. Tomorrow, Dec 3, 2012, I am entering my last full week of practicum. I cannot believe how fast my time in Grade Three at West Meadows Elementary School has flown by.

I don’t like to focus on, or even think about, the fact that in just over a week I will no longer be waking up at 6:30 AM to meet my fellow student teachers in the Safeway parking lot at 7:10 AM as we make the near 1 hour drive (each way) to West Meadows Elementary (Claresholm, AB). No longer will I be greeted by my TA, staff of West Meadows and of course, the students. I have had a better experience in grade three than I ever thought possible. Prior to this placement, the thought of working in an elementary school, let alone division I, had as much appeal as getting stung by 100 wasps. Now, as I reflect on this time and eagerly anticipate the coming week I know that if, or when, in the future I end up teaching in a grade 3 class I will be nothing shy of ecstatic.

This practicum has allowed me to grow in many ways. My TA has been a fantastic mentor to me, pushing me hard along the way. This week, we will be learning the line dance for Cadillac Ranch, taking part in a Hearing and Sound WebQuest that I created for my students as a review for their Unit exam which happens on Thursday (that I wrote). The final big and exciting activity of the week, I will be assigning the students their performance task for the Hearing and Sound unit. Students will be creating a musical instrument, that they will then bring to school with them next Tuesday (my last day) and we will form a Grade Three band of awesomness!

Just a few thoughts for the day.

Until next time,
Mr. B


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