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Hearing & Sound WebQuest

Today was the day! I showed my students the WebQuest that I made as a study tool for their upcoming Hearing and Sound unit assessment. The students, first were extremely thrilled that Mr. B had made a website for them to practice their science on! The use of the computers as a study tool, although it may seem small, to the students it is huge. Their engagement was immediate and their involvement was escalated, purely due to the use of technology.

The Hearing and Sound WebQuest pages are designed with short YouTube clips to refresh the students on the given topic, from their they can then complete various quiz questions that pertain to the topic they have just watched a movie on. There is very little reading on the pages, due to the increased reading required in the test. The students appreciated that they were able to watch a movie then answer questions, and continue to do so. It gave them a nice break in sections, so that they were not just sitting in front of a computer answering questions (how engaging is that?).

This is such a great tool to use for students to study, they can complete the quiz as many times as they like and complete the WebQuest/Quiz anywhere they like as long as they have an internet connection. This was also a fantastic tool for myself, I was able to allow my stronger students to be fully engaged in what they were doing, while providing additional one-on-one support to the other students in the class who needed it; also allowing students to work at their own pace. Lastly, from a teaching standpoint this has been an extremely successful method of formative assessment. I know for sure, through the assessment of student learning that they are ready for their assessment for learning (summative) on Thursday.

Until next time,
Mr. B

PS. I invite any and all comments regarding the WebQuest, or any other post for that matter, so that I can continue to improve!


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