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A Great Intro to the Periodic Table

Often times when teachers use long videos in their class, students rejoice because they get a “class off” from listening to the teacher at the front of the classroom. However, throughout our education courses, we were cautioned against using long videos in place of student collaboration or teacher directed lessons for this very reason – students tend to shut down.

TED has released TED-Ed to help you create customized lessons. I checked it out and found a really cool video on Mendeleev and his contributions to the periodic table. This video presents the material in a less dry way than a textbook or teacher taught lesson might. It also effectively integrates technology in a short 4 min 25 sec video!

Check it out below, this could be the key to engaging your students immediately to start your lesson and holding their attention throughout the rest of class!

Until next time,
Mr. B

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