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Professional Semester II Placement

Good morning!

Yesterday I received an email from my TA for this upcoming practicum. I had originally requested a junior high placement but was informed that I had been placed with a CHEM 20 and CHEM 30 teacher in Calgary. At first I was shocked a bit shaken up and unsure how I felt about this placement.

After not sleeping at all last night, like really hardly at all, I have come to the conclusion that I’m stoked. I tossed and turned all night thinking about the different concepts that are taught in the two courses and how I could make the topics meaningful and engaging for my students. I suppose if I was truly not excited, I would not have been up thinking about it all night.

The unfortunate part of the situation is orientation is not until Tuesday, that’s nearly one whole week away .. and now nothing else seems to really matter except getting into that school and more importantly the classroom to meet my TA and all of the students I get the privilege of working with!

Stay tuned, regular updates will be coming.

Until next time,
Mr. B


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