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No Time Like the Present – Build your PLN Now!

Below I have listed some fantastic Twitter chats that I have been fortunate enough to partake in. These chats have given me several great ideas that I can implement in my classroom and serve as a brilliant tool for teacher collaboration.


#21stedchat @ 6 PM MST

#edchat @5 PM MST
#edteach @ 6 PM MST (every second Tues)

#ntchat @ 6 PM MST

Any other Twitter chats you enjoy, please let me know!

Until next time,
Mr. B

2 thoughts on “No Time Like the Present – Build your PLN Now!

  1. Some great chats Justin – thanks for sharing! I also have participated in #atplc (focusing on the development of professional learning communities in schools – Thursday nights), #satchat (focus on leadership – Saturday mornings) and am hoping to participate in an upcoming #spedplc (inclusion through professional learning communities – Sunday nights). It is such a great way to connect and learn! I haven’t participated in #21stedchat but have often checked out the archived chat following – always great resources shared!

    I would encourage you to consider moderating a future #edteach chat – visit http://edteachchat.wordpress.com/get-involved/ for more information. Glad that Twitter is becoming such a huge part of your PLN – this will serve you well not only as you search for your first teaching position and when teaching in your first classroom. Enjoy seeing your multiple interactions with other professionals online!

    1. Thank you Kurtis!
      I will definitely look into these other chats that you have suggested.
      I just visited the #edteach WordPress site and sent in some chat ideas and my interest in moderating a chat.
      It’s been absolutely awesome getting to know other professionals and connecting with them. I’m excited to continue this long into my career!

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