KSA #03 Program of Studies · KSA #04 Subject Knowledge · KSA #05 Differentiation · KSA #06 Planning · KSA #07 Student Needs · KSA #11 Assessment · KSA #16 Vision of Teaching

PSII is here!

Well, after 2 months of intense learning it’s time to put it all into practice!

I’ve had a great experience through a variety of valuable courses this semester. We’ve discussed several social context issues that could be evident within our school, exceptionalities we may encounter and how to build an inclusive classroom. Through C&I and Assessment we’ve built unit and assessment plans to prepare us for our practicum teaching assignments.

In January and even in the past couple weeks, practicum seemed like a far fetched dream.. but it’s here!

I can’t wait to get into my CHEM 20 classes on Thursday and begin building relationships with my students and colleagues.

First Lesson: Ionic vs. Covalent bonding, why do we care about electonegativity? and a little tug of war to tie everything together.

I leave you with this video we watched today in Social Context, enjoy.

Until next time,
Mr. B


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