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Camaraderie & Sport

I have just gotten back to Lethbridge from spending the weekend at the 1A Boys Provincials in Bow Island, AB. This experience was a real honour and privilege to be a part of.

Camaraderie is something we all hope to see in sport (especially when it gets competitive, as it does in Provincials) but is often times lacking. I am pleased to say that this weekend in Bow Island, all of the players were true sports. When they hit someone, they picked them up; when the officials made a call, there was little negativity; when one team was successful in making it into the next round, those other teams came out to watch and support. This truly is what it should be about and what I saw all weekend at Senator Gershaw High School in Bow Island.

As a pre-service teacher, I found it extremely exciting that these boys were able to put aside their differences and unite in their mutual passion for basketball and desire for success. I think that recognizing each others passion and drive allowed them to see each other for what they were – a competitor first, but more importantly another high school boy who wanted nothing more than to have some fun!

I leave this weekend having learned a lot about the game of basketball and myself. I lived basketball from Thursday morning until Saturday night and it was fantastic. There are so many applicable skills that refereeing has taught me that are extremely transferrable to teaching. Game management, humility, amiability, choosing the correct battle, fast decision making, etc., which are all skills that I have been able to develop through my refereeing and transfer into my classroom on a daily basis.

Refereeing has allowed me to push myself to limits, determine what I am capable of, where I am successful and areas I can improve. My partner and I discussed just before heading out to ref the gold medal game how important it is to be placed outside of your comfort zone, to push yourself and make you better.

I think it is very important as a teacher to not only reflect on your teaching directly, but also on the life experiences that can be related to and have an effect on teaching. These experiences have shaped who I am as a person and given me valuable experience to help me understand how to respond to individual students, in different situations, to meet their needs.

Until next time,
Mr. B


4 thoughts on “Camaraderie & Sport

  1. So glad to hear what an awesome weekend it was for you! It truly does warm my heart to see people, young and old, supporting each other and enjoying whatever it is that they are doing in their life!
    Through continuously experiencing and being exposed to other peoples passions, we are continuously developing a better understanding of various perspectives. By understanding perspectives, we will be better able to teach the students within our classrooms.
    Thanks for sharing, Justin!

    1. Thank you for your comment Trish!
      I couldn’t agree more with your comment relating passions and perspectives and how we can bring this back into the classroom – it is so crucial to teaching, learning and the building of authentic student-teacher and student-student relationships in the classroom.

  2. Really amazing to see that winning wasn’t everything for these boys. Very excited you got to witness this kind of sportsmanship first hand! Isn’t it awesome that the skills we pick up as coaches and referees of sport can transfer over to teaching in a classroom?
    Great post and thanks for sharing, Justin!

    1. Thanks Kirby!
      It really was fantastic to be a part of. When the focus shifts to the players and the game, rather than the actual winning itself it creates an extremely positive atmosphere – as focusing on student learning and their needs in the classroom creates a positive learning community.

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