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Provincial Acheivement Tests to Become a Thing of the Past

As I am sure many Albertan’s are already aware that, yesterday, the government announced that they will be getting rid of the Provincial Achievement Tests (PAT’s) to make way for Student Learning Assessments.

To many teachers, this is extremely exciting. From my course work and discussions with teachers in practicum it’s appeared that PAT’s have always been an additional source of stress for teachers, parents and students. In the past, there has been a lot of importance placed on these tests to rank students, schools and provide feedback to teachers regarding their teaching (whether they actually provided this service, is a completely different statement).

There has been a huge push in my education classes for a transformation in teaching, student learning and assessment. It will be interesting to see exactly how these new assessments will be administered and used. Student Learning Assessments are supposed to take into account the students individual needs and assess the student in a formative way. In theory, this is great. The tests will be use to assess for learning and give teachers an idea of the level of students they have in their classroom. With this information, teachers will be able to more effectively differentiate their instruction and create an inclusive classroom where all students can learn and flourish based on their current level.

Personally, I am intrigued by the proposed change. It’s an exciting time for me, as a pre-service teacher, to be entering the field of education. We are seeing a transformation in education and this is just one step closer to the changes many people have been hoping to see for a long while.

The full news story can be read here.
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