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Being a Hero Begins with Authentic Relationships

Tonight I stumbled on this TED Talk. I’ve known for a while that I want to be a teacher, but since beginning my journey in Lethbridge, I know. I can’t really explain how what I know now is any different from what I knew before. I suppose prior to my degree, I thought I wanted to teach because I love math and science (which I undoubtedly do). However, I’ve realized that I love to teach because

  • I love children
  • I love to see wonder and awe in young minds
  • I love the look of inquiry in a learners eyes that passion and drive to seek the answer
  • I love to see how much a person can grow in a very short time

I just plain love to teach. Even though my internship is not until September and I have been in summer classes since the beginning of May when PSII ended, my mind constantly wanders to my upcoming PSIII. I can’t wait to be in a classroom, with students. I can confidently say that it is an area where I feel most comfortable, most at home.

I’ve found many sources of inspiration throughout my year and I have grown so much, but this TED Talk that I am sharing with you tonight is truly a gem. Rita Pierson discusses every child’s need for a champion – as teachers we can be, we are, that champion. How do we be a champion for our students? We build relationships, that’s how. Relationships built on integrity and authenticity are unbelievably vital to student learning and a positive learning community in the classroom. I will take Rita’s powerful message with me into my PSIII and career as a teacher and build a classroom community centered on authentic relationships, where students feel safe to make mistakes, comfortable asking questions and excited to learn.

Until next time,
Mr. B


3 thoughts on “Being a Hero Begins with Authentic Relationships

    1. Thanks for your comment Kaye! Loved your post as well. It really is an inspirational clip, with some very strong messages for teachers of all experience levels!


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