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Final Projects

I can say with great excitement that I have completed all of the course work for my B.Ed as of today! I can’t believe how fast the program has gone and all I have left is my Internship this fall!

I wanted to share my final projects from the two online courses I took this summer.

ED4764: The Internet & Education 

This website looks at how the Science 10 classroom can be flipped for specific outcomes in the Chemistry Unit.

The Flipped Science 10 Classroom

ED4767: Web-Based Teaching

This assignment takes students through four activities, each occurring for 30 minutes once a week. It is designed for the CHEM 20 Bonding Unit to prepare students for a Performance Assessment Task that looks at the social and environmental implications of science and technology (STS Outcomes).

CHEM 20: Bonding

I welcome any comments, thank you!

Until next time,
Mr. B


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