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Instagram: Could it be used to Enhance Student Learning?

InstagramCurrently I am on vacation in the beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. In my backpack I packed my digital camera – relatively small, light weight, takes great photos – and in my pocket I keep my phone – contains my life, takes decent photos. On Friday, I was touring around Halifax taking in all the wonderful sites that this city has to offer. I went to the Warf, Citadel Hill, the Park Gardens, etc. and I took a number of photos to document my adventures. Interestingly enough, I left my camera at home and trusted my iPhone to capture the memories. In addition, I did not just take a photo and stop there; I immediately posted them to Instagram and Facebook two very popular social networking sites. The teacher in me immediately thought, “interesting, I wonder how (or if) this could be used in the classroom to engage students and enhance their learning?” Having just recently taken “The Internet and Education” at the University of Lethbridge, I have left feeling curious as to the implications of social networking on student learning. I wonder if anyone has had experiences with this in their classroom and would be willing to share?

I worry that the learning would be lost in the limitations of Instagram – technology is justifiable when it increases student learning, we cannot use technology just because it’s a cool tool or the latest fad. It’s great for posting photos, but how else can it be used? Can students create a product using this application and effectively articulate their learning of the concepts? I could see the possibility of creating a comic-like product and the comment section allowing the learning to be taken outside of the classroom walls. Perhaps they can and really, they probably would know best being the tech-savvy youth that they are.

I would welcome anyone and everyone’s thoughts or experiences with this, thanks!

Until next time,
Mr. B


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