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My PSIII Technology Plan

Hi Folks!

Kurtis Hewson, professor at the University of Lethbridge, will be giving a keynote for Livingstone Range School Division Summer Institute on asynchronous learning (August 13 – 15, 2013). I made my very first webcast titled, “My Technology Plan“, for Kurtis to show at this conference to give those attending an idea of what my plans, as a PSIII Intern, are for the fall.

This was an extremely interesting experience. Being on camera, alone, talking to your computer is a slightly unnerving experience. Perhaps what’s more unnerving is watching yourself on camera after. I’ve left the video with minor edits (this definitely was not take one) so it’s by no means a picture perfect product. I think this provides some additional insight into what the experience is like, it’s not one that happens in 7 minutes 30 seconds, even though that’s what YouTube says. At first I had a very strict script outlining exactly what I wanted to say, but this produced something I was not happy with (you can see this is apparent in the introductory section of this video). I talked with a fellow intern about this and they provided me with great advice, pretend I’m having a conversation with those who will be watching this video. I found this to be extremely valuable as I love to converse with others! You can see this becomes much more apparent as I begin to talk about my classroom plans and how I am hoping to engage students in their learning – perhaps it’s just easier to talk about the things your passionate about than the introductions.

Regardless, I welcome any and all feedback, comments and questions.

Oh! And as I say in the video, if you’d be interested in connecting our classes this fall through Google Hangout, blogging, or some other platform I would love to connect with you!

Here is the Prezi presentation that Kurtis used during his keynote.

Until next time,
Mr. B

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