KSA #15 Professional Learning

The Teacher: Forever Learning

LearnToday, I want to discuss an experience I had yesterday in my PSIII.

My teacher mentor has taught for 25 years and yesterday his lesson flopped. After class, we talked about it and he made a joke about how the tables had turned, the mentor was venting to the intern about his flopped lesson. At that point, I told him that this was such a valuable learning experience for us both! There is little that is more comforting to a first year teacher, or an intern, than knowing that people who have been teaching for 25 years also have lessons that flop. Having this discussion with him made me realize, even more than I had before, that he was extremely approachable and here to help me grow as a teacher. I know that I can go to him at any time that I have a question, or when my own lesson flops and he will be there willing to discuss what happened and offer insight.

In this situation, it is the first time he is teaching a course and was under planned. No matter how many years of experience in a persons belt, as teachers we are forever learning. Today was a great day of learning for not only the students, but us teachers as well. It’s never a dull moment in the classroom and that’s why I love my job.

Until next time,
Mr. B

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