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All smiles today, thank you

At Foothills Composite High School, each month the staff sends out positive postcards to four students. This month I sent a post card out to a student who has been working particularly hard, but needed to start taking some time for herself. Since her and I talked about this at the beginning of the year, she has been doing so and has seen her grades increase. I wrote a postcard to her, telling her how proud I was of her for putting aside “me time” and taking care of herself. In response, this is the postcard I received back from her today.

This is why I teach, not for the postcard, but to make a postive difference in my students life.


Thank You Postcard

Until next time,

Mr. B


2 thoughts on “All smiles today, thank you

  1. That’s amazing, Justin! So proud of you for making a positive impact in your students lives. Relationships are certainly the basis of creating a positive and effective learning environment 🙂

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