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Student Voice: We need to “hear” everyone

Student voice has been a focus this semester at FCHS/AHSFA. “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” was on this morning in the background and the clip below caught my eye (this isn’t the exact clip, but it was the closest that I was able to find). This child struggles with initiating conversation with people and making friends. However, his mother tells him he needs to become more outgoing and begin to socialize with people.

Take a moment and consider what it means to hear something – most specifically what does it mean to hear your students? How do you hear what they need and want? How do you hear their feedback regarding your teaching?

I think most of us would say that we listen for it. We so often associate the word hear or “student voice” with verbal feedback/conversation. When we think of student voice, we need to consider that the way each student uses their voice will be different. As teachers, we need to take this into account to ensure we are allowing each student to express themselves, in their own way and are being heard.

How does this child make himself heard?

4 thoughts on “Student Voice: We need to “hear” everyone

  1. Love this, Justin! Way too often do we forget to consider the uniqueness of our students. So important to encourage their individuality and give them opportunities to express themselves and shine! Great post 🙂

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