KSA #14 School Involvement

Panabaker Olympics

I had the pleasure of working with an amazing group of grade 7 students this term in Leadership class.

At the beginning of class, I asked the class what their vision of Leadership class was, what they wanted to do this term, etc. Many of the answers, to my surprise, involved them cleaning the school. I told them, although this is great I thought there was more to Leadership class than cleaning the office window over and over and over. I asked the class, which major world event was coming up in February? Students responded with, “Valentines day! Chinese New Year! and eventually… The Olympics!” Once they finally landed on the Olympics, I paused and waited to hear their ideas. Eventually one boy piped up and said, “Are you saying you’d actually let us put on an Olympics here at the school?”

YES! Now they were starting to think Leadership class! From here on, their ideas were nothing short of amazing and constant. They came up with some wild and wonderful things to create school culture, olympic spirt and pride for our country. The class put together:

  • A floor hockey tournament
  • Bagel curling 
  • “Biathalon”, 4 team members would compete in a relay involving a bean bag throw following each lap at targets to reduce the teams time
  • A door decorating contest, which made it so as you walked down the halls throughout the month of February twenty seven of the countries competing in Sochi were represented on the doors of each classroom.
  • Showcase, which involved decorations, medal counts, athlete profiles and more. This allowed students at school to remain connected to events happening and Canadian athletes competing at Sochi.
  • Closing Ceremony, to celebrate the accomplishments of all the athletes that competed at this years Panabaker Olympics

For each event, students made medals, which were placed on each athlete who won gold, silver or bronze. Additionally  students made gold trophies for each event. The medals and trophies were presented to the winning athletes at the closing ceremonies, which included a slideshow and music. 

It was amazing to see the amount of work these students were willing to put into these events during class and donating each lunch hour over the entire month of February to make the Olympics successful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At the end of it all, my students asked me if this was going to become an annual event at Panabaker even though the winter Olympics only happen every four years.

Until next time,
Mr. B


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