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The Power of #Twitter, The Power of a #PLN

PLNToday my principal and I were talking about Tsunami’s as it’s a topic discussed in Science 7. He was telling me about a great video that was released by National Geographic, Discovery Channel, or someone else that shows how the sub ducting oceanic crust causes Tsunami’s and uses footage from the “big Tsunami a while back” (which neither of us could think of exactly when or where it was).

When I got home tonight, I sent out a Tweet, which read, “ or or…? put out a fantastic movie RE Tsunami’s … anyone know the one and have a copy?! “. In under 10 minutes, I had a reply from Margaret Shane (someone I have never met or previously conversed with). Through three tweets we were
to figure out the movies it couldn’t be until we finally landed on the one it was.

This experience really shows you The Power of Twitter and The Power of a PLN. I was mentioning earlier to colleagues that working full time has left me lacking my connections with my PLN and the online world, but this has rejuvenated my passion. Having a PLN and knowing how to effectively use hashtags on Twitter is invaluable.

Until next tme,
Mr. B


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