Thank you

Thank you, #uleth2014

It’s surreal to think that I am not done. Six years ago I set out on a mission to become a teacher. I successfully completed my Bachelor of Science at the University of Calgary in fall of 2011. Friday, I walked the stage at the University of Lethbridge and can officially say I have finished my Bachelor of Education.

When I began my teaching journey I was propelled by my strong passion for math and science. It was the first moment I stepped into a grade 3 classroom in Claresholm, AB for my PSI that I realized it was my passion for teaching, learning and students that would propel me from that day on, my love for math and science was an added bonus. Now working in junior high, teaching grade 7 Math/Science and grade 9 Math I see more than ever how much I love my job, teaching, students and celebrating their learning and accomplishments with them.

I could not have accomplished my goals without the strong support of my family and friends, to all I am extremely grateful.

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Thank you.

Until next time,
Mr. B


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