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Hello & a Smile go a long way…

hello_1I had the pleasure of teaching CHEM 20/30 and Science 10 during summer school this year with FSD. We had a junior program, which consisted of junior high students that needed to be here for whatever reason.

I did not teach these students, they were down the hall from me, but I often saw them in the hallway, at pizza lunches or Stampede breakfasts. My only interaction with these students was a smile, a hello and a conversation once in a while. Today was our last day and a cupcake appeared on my desk from one of the junior students. It just goes to show how far a smile and a hello can go to make someone feel valued and appreciated, especially for someone that may not feel that often in their day-to-day life.

Something to keep in mind as we prepare for the fall to greet our new students. I think it’s important we all read our students files to understand a bit of their story prior to having them in our room, however, regardless of their back story, or what they were like last year each student deserves a fresh start. Get to know them as the person they are now, not the person they were before. Unknown

And remember, smile and say hello as you pass any student in the hallway – you never know the impact this may have on them, or you for that matter.

Until next time,
Mr. B


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