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The Cell Analogy

plantanimalIn Science class we are currently learning about the cell and the students are working on creating a product to demonstrate their learning through analogies.

Some students are writing a cell story, others are making a comic, a rap (or song), a newscast, etc. Each student has been given the opportunity to personalize his or her learning and the task has been differentiated to meet the level of need for each student.

embryoOne student came to me asking if he could create an analogy for “The Birth of a Baby”. This student is not typically my most mature, so naturally, this worried me. I decided to give him a chance and told him to write his analogy for each organelle and come see me when he was done so we could discuss it. To my surprise, and delight, he had taken the task seriously and actually made an analogy for the “Development of an Embryo”. Below is the student’s analogy:

  • Nucleus – the mom because she controls everything
  • Cytoplasm – that fluid that the baby floats in
  • Cell membrane – the sac that surrounds the baby
  • Mitochondria – the food the mom eats
  • Vacuole – the umbilical cord because it has and delivers the nutrients to the baby

We had a discussion for the cytoplasm and cell membrane that he would need to research the proper names for the sac (placenta) and the fluid (amniotic fluid).

To say the least, I’m definitely intrigued as to where this project will go from here.

Until next time,
Mr. B


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