KSA #08 Relationships

An Unexpected Start to my Day

Tuesday nights I play volleyball with a group of friends and just the way the night went I left feeling frustrated, which resulted in me going to bed and coming to school this morning feeling grumpy. I expressed my frustration to a colleague of mine that I workout with each day before or after school hoping that our workout would put me in a better mood. Part way through our workout the phone rang and the office informed me that one of my students from last year was calling.

e0ae9eb48444d6d815c668020e5dc442He called me to tell me he misses me, ask how I was, if I was enjoying my new school, to tell me that he had made the school basketball team, which was something he wanted to so badly last year so we would spend countless lunch hours and afternoons after school shooting hoops and playing pick up ball together on the tarmac outside and was also playing on a community team outside of school. I remember many times last year having firm conversations with this students regarding my expectations and that they were “too high for grade 7 students”, his potential and lack of reaching his potential and showing it in his learning. He would come in early in the morning to talk about science and ask obscure questions. He was a fascinating kid.

UnknownToday, when I really wasn’t feeling all that great, he picked up my spirits, it was the perfect way to start my day. The simple phone call from him to hear how he was doing and have him express interest in me was amazing. We ended the phone call by him asking if I would come to one of his upcoming games and perhaps play some pick up with him again. I am definitely looking forward to hearing from him soon and finding out when he plays so I can go and cheer him on.

Until next time,
Mr. B

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