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Running Club: Created a Fitness Culture at SWL

This year a colleague, Amy Hobouti, and I coached the 2000 m track team. This eventually evolved into a 5 km Running Club. Students would come and run with us even though they had no desire to compete at Track Day, but because they wanted to work on their fitness and lead healthier lives. The students immediately gained the respect and admiration of our principal, Gord Baldwin. Yesterday, we had our last running club as yesterday as Ramadan begins today and many of our students will be taking part in fasting. When we came back from our run our Principal and Assistant Principal had prepared a feast including a freshly sliced fruit salad, juice, yogurt, granola, vegetarian pancakes, eggs and halal sausage. It was delicious and the students were so shocked that our administration would come in early to make them breakfast. Gord told the students he was “so proud of them for making a healthy lifestyle choice and joining running club” and that he “wanted to recognize their accomplishments.” This really touched our students and we are all so appreciative of our awesome administration for supporting our students. Until next time, Mr. B running club1 Blurredrunning club3running club2 Blurred


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