KSA #15 Professional Learning

Summer School 2015: The Marathon Sprint

I can’t believe the month of July is over. It’s been a crazy month of learning at Foothills Comp. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of teaching summer school it’s a marathon sprint. That’s right, there is no pacing yourself in trying to learn an entire course in 21 days, you have no choice but to hit the ground running and finish sprinting through the finish line. These students enroll in a blended learning environment. Their entire course is available to them online, with one hour per day of required instructional time and a few hours each afternoon set aside for tutorial time.

marathonAt the beginning both the teachers and students can relate to the picture to the left. The finish line feels as though it is so far off into the future, you can’t even comprehend what it will look like …

I really love coming to teach summer school for many reasons. Most importantly, I love kids, learning and science. I find it extremely rewarding to spend my days with children teaching them science and perhaps more relevant, life skills. I also love coming back to high school. Don’t get me wrong, junior high is an amazing place to be, but I love to have a month to dive back into intense chemistry, discussions about the world and how the chemistry is intertwined in everything we do.

marathon (1)… And when you’re in the thick of summer school, it’s like there is a whirlwind around you of teachers and students (or an actual tornado as it so happened to be this year) perceiving through content, giving it their all to become the master of  their course …


It’s been a great summer and I am very grateful to Foothills School Division for bringing me back as part of their team this year. I hope to be fortunate enough to be back next year and anyone out there who hasn’t

FILE - This Aug. 20, 2008, file photo shows Jamaica's Usain Bolt crossing the finish line to win the gold in the men's 200-meter final at the Beijing 2008 Olympics in Beijing. In the short span of two years, Bolt has done a decade's worth of restructuring to track and field's record book. He has made himself a candidate for The Associated Press' Athlete of the Decade by making people rethink what's possible in one of the most basic measures of athleticism: how fast a human can get from Point A to Point B. (AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus, File)

… I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for the next month of rest and relaxation. I am willing to bet that all students either feel like Usain Bolt having conquered summer school, or those behind him looking to see if they got a grade high enough to move onto the next round. Staff I can guarantee have their hands in the air. September will be here soon enough and it will be time to dive back in to my next grade 8 math/science adventure!

Until next time,
Mr. B

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