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The Journey of Learning

I’ve been given the opportunity this year to attend workshops hosted by Galileo Educational Network. Once a month I meet with other new teachers and we discuss what we are seeing in our class, project design, assessment, etc. It’s been an extremely interesting experience to have the opportunity to learn and collaborate with others on a monthly basis.

learning-is-the-workThis month we were given an example where a teacher gave their students a final project, but realized that they did not have the necessary foundational understandings to complete the project. Instead of letting students crumble she recognized the areas of collective weakness and taught mini lessons to the class throughout the project. I think it’s really easy as teachers to assume that students have learned all they are supposed to in previous years, but sometimes this doesn’t happen (not at the fault of anyone). As teachers we need to always remember that learning is a fluid process and just because we think our students should be (or are) at a certain spot, if we recognize that they aren’t it is our job to stop, reflect, and teach (or re-teach) to ensure understanding.

The process of learning is never over, but rather a continuous journey we embark on with our students.

Until next time,
Mr. B


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