KSA #08 Relationships

Collaborative Class Art

As part of our team time last week the grade 8’s created a collaborative art piece. The purpose of this was to create a sense of community in each homeroom. Students each had their own individual piece to create, but worked collaboratively with others to complete the task. This created a buzz in the room, students were interested in the task and more than anything interested in working with one another to create something as a means to reaching a common goal together.

class art2We’ve laminated each students contribution and hung our piece of art in the classroom. This morning when students came in after the weekend they all immediately gravitated towards their work of art. Up until now the wall that their art hangs on has been dingy, dirty and unwelcoming. This collaborative piece of art completely changed the feel of the space.

The hope is that students will feel more connected to the physical space of the classroom and with one another so that they take care of the classroom, their belongings and each other better.

Until next time,
Mr. B




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