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CHINDOGU: It’s useful and useless

In Design Thinking students embarked on a bit of an obscure journey when they returned from Spring Break. Students were asked to create a useful, useless project, referred to as CHINDOGU.

Students were hooked into the project using the following video:

From here, students were tasked with designing their own CHINDOGU project. Each student had to produce their own project, but were encouraged to collaborate with one another.

Students began by brainstorming as many ideas as possible. Once students had their ideas recorded on paper, students speed dated with one another. We formed two lines facing each other. Each student was given 2 minutes to share their ideas with their classmate. The classmate would then “plus” the ideas that was just shared. No ideas were shot down, or spoken about negatively. Plussing puts students in a space of creativity where they are given permission to positively expand on one another’s ideas. Students then swapped roles. After 4 minutes of sharing (2 minutes each), one line stepped to the right and we repeated the process until everyone in the class had seen all of the other ideas in the room.

Speed dating “leveled the playing field” and allowed each student to collaborate in a positive, safe space with every other student in the class. Instead of students becoming owners of their own work, no idea became the property of one person, each idea was now shared with everyone. Some students ideas became way more elaborate by the end of this process, some students had completely new ideas and others “traded” ideas with each other. Even though each student had to produce their own product, this process created a culture of collaboration which permeated the coming weeks that they would spend working on this task.

Until next time,
Mr. B


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