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The Leaving Footprints Project

In grade 8, students study the Renaissance in Humanities and Mechanical Systems in Science. To bring these two ideas together, we decided to teach these units of study at the same time. Yesterday students began their inquiry into a chosen inventor from the Renaissance and the invention they created.

Students will be tracing their invention through time, looking at how the time period of the Renaissance prompted it’s need to be created, how it has impacted and been impacted by worldview through time, the simple machines that are involved, how the invention has evolved through time based on new technologies and understandings and how the invention has been used to meet peoples needs and improve their lives.

Students are working in pairs and started yesterday coming up with questions to guide their inquiry. Each pair received an non-permanent surface to record their questions on. After forming their questions, students began their research. Their non-permanent surfaces will exist as a “living” document throughout the project to serve as a reminder of the questions that they seek answers to. Each day the posters are hung up around the room to create a collaborative culture of knowledge sharing between groups, no idea, thought, or question is “owned” by any individual or group.

I’m extremely excited to see where this Leaving Footprints Project takes us.

Until next time,
Mr. B

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