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Collaborative Culture in Math Class

A post from 14 November 2017 I think teachers are often skeptical of group work because they are unsure how they will accurately and fairly assess individual student understanding of the concept being worked on. Towers and Martin (2015) have done an effective job bringing to light a new form of data manipulation from the… Continue reading Collaborative Culture in Math Class

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Open Problems: Learning to Manage Variation & Working Memory

Mason and Johnston-Wilder (2006) began their article with the following: “the purpose of a task is to initiate mathematically fruitful activity that leads to a transformation in what learners are sensitized to notice and competent to carry out” (p. 25). I read this quote and I was hooked. I think this sentence phrases what I… Continue reading Open Problems: Learning to Manage Variation & Working Memory

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Using Difference to Draw Attention

Until learning about VTL I hadn’t really thought about how I could / should use contrast in my lessons. Now, I’m really seeing how it is a powerful tool. Today in class we were looking at patterns and equations. Specifically we were looking at the affect of a changing coefficient, while keeping the constant the same for… Continue reading Using Difference to Draw Attention

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Variation Pedagogy

One of the big things that jumped out at me from the Math Minds article was the sentence “when tasks are organized such that each piece builds on understanding of the previous, assessing understanding at the end of a lesson or even at several intervals during a lesson is not enough.” This is something that… Continue reading Variation Pedagogy

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Real-life Math

Students were given a percent project a couple weeks back. In this project they were given an hourly wage and using this hourly wage they had to calculate their annual gross income, annual net income (using current tax brackets), create a budget, determine the type of home they could (or could not afford) and then… Continue reading Real-life Math

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Fractions, Food and more … Fractions!

Throughout the fractions unit students were asked to increase or decrease various recipes by certain factors to practice their skill of multiplying and dividing fractions. Yesterday, to round off the unit we went up to the foods lab where students made a recipe of their choice. The students said they felt like they were on… Continue reading Fractions, Food and more … Fractions!

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Dog House Project

For the months of November and December we worked on the concepts of surface area and volume in math class. Throughout the unit students engaged in inquiry based classes where rather than providing them a formula, I gave them shapes on grid (or plain white) paper and asked them to use their prior knowledge to… Continue reading Dog House Project

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The Cell Analogy: Completed Products

We’ve completed the “Cell Analogy Project” in grade 8 Science. Below is a child’s story written by one student and some photos of products made by others, including an analogy to the show “Vampire Diaries”, a restaurant, Santa’s Workshop, a computer, a beehive and a soccer team. I’m extremely proud of the work my students… Continue reading The Cell Analogy: Completed Products

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The Cell Analogy

In Science class we are currently learning about the cell and the students are working on creating a product to demonstrate their learning through analogies. Some students are writing a cell story, others are making a comic, a rap (or song), a newscast, etc. Each student has been given the opportunity to personalize his or… Continue reading The Cell Analogy

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The Moment for a Smile

Today in class, I observed something that could do nothing but bring a smile to my face. Currently in grade 8 math we are studying surface area of prisms and cylinders. I have taught this unit through inquiry, allowing students to engage in a lot of exploration while I facilitate their learning experience. Each student received 2D shapes… Continue reading The Moment for a Smile