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Collaborative Culture in Math Class

A post from 14 November 2017 I think teachers are often skeptical of group work because they are unsure how they will accurately and fairly assess individual student understanding of the concept being worked on. Towers and Martin (2015) have done an effective job bringing to light a new form of data manipulation from the… Continue reading Collaborative Culture in Math Class

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The Selves we Teach

The “expressive and managerial self”, both focus on the interior processes and functions of individuals. In Martin’s (2007) discussion of the “expressive self” page 19 from Combs (1961) is quoted, which states, “self-actualizing people see themselves in positive ways, and you do not get this from having failures”. Additionally, a learner’s focus on meeting criteria… Continue reading The Selves we Teach

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The Leaving Footprints Project

In grade 8, students study the Renaissance in Humanities and Mechanical Systems in Science. To bring these two ideas together, we decided to teach these units of study at the same time. Yesterday students began their inquiry into a chosen inventor from the Renaissance and the invention they created. Students will be tracing their invention… Continue reading The Leaving Footprints Project

KSA #04 Subject Knowledge · KSA #07 Student Needs · KSA #09 Instructional Strategies

Design Thinking – Chair Build

In design thinking students were tasked with two different chair building projects. The first asked students to build a chair using only newspaper and masking tape that could support the weight of each of the members of their team. Each group had to complete the following: Complete and submit a blueprint for the chair Build… Continue reading Design Thinking – Chair Build

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CHINDOGU: It’s useful and useless

In Design Thinking students embarked on a bit of an obscure journey when they returned from Spring Break. Students were asked to create a useful, useless project, referred to as CHINDOGU. Students were hooked into the project using the following video: From here, students were tasked with designing their own CHINDOGU project. Each student had… Continue reading CHINDOGU: It’s useful and useless

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Maker vs. Design Thinking

Are “maker” and “Design Thinking” the same? Can we use these terms synonymously? In many conversations with teachers I hear these terms being used interchangeably. If students are making, they are design thinking, or if they are design thinking, they have to be making. However, this is not the case. Maker is merely one component of Design… Continue reading Maker vs. Design Thinking

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Community Partners Benefit Learning Opportunities for Students

This month Laura Olson, Design Engineer at Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd., came in to work with our grade 8 students. Our students were working on their Rube Goldberg machines as their unit end project for Mechanical Systems. One of the aspects of the design process we emphasized in this project was how the students communicated their… Continue reading Community Partners Benefit Learning Opportunities for Students

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Partner Teaching: Worthwhile Work

This year is my first year in a true partner teaching role. In the past I have team taught – working with another colleague in the classroom in a specialized setting – but this is my first year having another math/science expert to plan similar learning experiences with. For me, partner teaching consists of my… Continue reading Partner Teaching: Worthwhile Work