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Collaborative Culture in Math Class

A post from 14 November 2017 I think teachers are often skeptical of group work because they are unsure how they will accurately and fairly assess individual student understanding of the concept being worked on. Towers and Martin (2015) have done an effective job bringing to light a new form of data manipulation from the… Continue reading Collaborative Culture in Math Class

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The Selves we Teach

The “expressive and managerial self”, both focus on the interior processes and functions of individuals. In Martin’s (2007) discussion of the “expressive self” page 19 from Combs (1961) is quoted, which states, “self-actualizing people see themselves in positive ways, and you do not get this from having failures”. Additionally, a learner’s focus on meeting criteria… Continue reading The Selves we Teach

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CHINDOGU: It’s useful and useless

In Design Thinking students embarked on a bit of an obscure journey when they returned from Spring Break. Students were asked to create a useful, useless project, referred to as CHINDOGU. Students were hooked into the project using the following video: From here, students were tasked with designing their own CHINDOGU project. Each student had… Continue reading CHINDOGU: It’s useful and useless

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The Meaning of Area

To begin our unit on Surface Area and to review the concept of area, students were given a bag of irregular shaped objects, string and 1-centimeter square grid paper. With these materials students were asked to determine, as accurately as possible, the area of each of the irregular shaped objects. Students were challenged to figure… Continue reading The Meaning of Area

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Spatial Relationships and Learning

Without a doubt most teachers, parents and students would agree that the physical space makes a difference to learning. Yet many classrooms lack windows and proper lighting and are painted in dreary colours that are uninviting. The spaces many of us are expected to teach in are not conducive to learning. This fall I took a… Continue reading Spatial Relationships and Learning

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Partner Teaching: Worthwhile Work

This year is my first year in a true partner teaching role. In the past I have team taught – working with another colleague in the classroom in a specialized setting – but this is my first year having another math/science expert to plan similar learning experiences with. For me, partner teaching consists of my… Continue reading Partner Teaching: Worthwhile Work

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Real-life Math

Students were given a percent project a couple weeks back. In this project they were given an hourly wage and using this hourly wage they had to calculate their annual gross income, annual net income (using current tax brackets), create a budget, determine the type of home they could (or could not afford) and then… Continue reading Real-life Math

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Wheel of Theodorus Project

In grade 8 math we study square roots/numbers and the Pythagorean Theorem. For their final assessment students found evidence of Pythagorean Theorem in their daily life. Students were assessed on their ability to: Stem 1. Connect concepts – find evidence of Pythagorean Theorem in their daily life Stem 4. Computation – correct calculations Stem 5.… Continue reading Wheel of Theodorus Project

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The Moment for a Smile

Today in class, I observed something that could do nothing but bring a smile to my face. Currently in grade 8 math we are studying surface area of prisms and cylinders. I have taught this unit through inquiry, allowing students to engage in a lot of exploration while I facilitate their learning experience. Each student received 2D shapes… Continue reading The Moment for a Smile

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“What are you teaching the world? Who are you learning from?”

As we all prepare for the upcoming year, it’s important to remember why teachers do what we do. A while back I posted “A Pep Talk from Kid President” and today I saw a friend post “Kid President’s Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!”. In the video he asks, “What are you teaching the world? Who are you… Continue reading “What are you teaching the world? Who are you learning from?”