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Community Partners Benefit Learning Opportunities for Students

This month Laura Olson, Design Engineer at Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd., came in to work with our grade 8 students. Our students were working on their Rube Goldberg machines as their unit end project for Mechanical Systems. One of the aspects of the design process we emphasized in this project was how the students communicated their… Continue reading Community Partners Benefit Learning Opportunities for Students

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Real-life Math

Students were given a percent project a couple weeks back. In this project they were given an hourly wage and using this hourly wage they had to calculate their annual gross income, annual net income (using current tax brackets), create a budget, determine the type of home they could (or could not afford) and then… Continue reading Real-life Math

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The Ultimate Field Trip

This week my grade 8 classes embarked on the ultimate adventure. I would imagine you’re thinking that this field trip must have been big and elaborate with tons of planning and paperwork involved. You’re wrong. We went on the ultimate field trip to the neighbourhood CO-OP grocery store. Students are currently learning about unit rate and… Continue reading The Ultimate Field Trip

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Wheel of Theodorus Project

In grade 8 math we study square roots/numbers and the Pythagorean Theorem. For their final assessment students found evidence of Pythagorean Theorem in their daily life. Students were assessed on their ability to: Stem 1. Connect concepts – find evidence of Pythagorean Theorem in their daily life Stem 4. Computation – correct calculations Stem 5.… Continue reading Wheel of Theodorus Project

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Track Day: Created a Fitness Culture this Year and Sparked Inspiration for Next

Yesterday we had the pleasure of spending the day in the beautiful sun while celebrating the accomplishments of our young athletes. Students have been working really hard since spring break to prepare for the track meet. A colleague and I coached the 2000 m race. We began by running our Terry Fox run, which was… Continue reading Track Day: Created a Fitness Culture this Year and Sparked Inspiration for Next

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Fractions, Food and more … Fractions!

Throughout the fractions unit students were asked to increase or decrease various recipes by certain factors to practice their skill of multiplying and dividing fractions. Yesterday, to round off the unit we went up to the foods lab where students made a recipe of their choice. The students said they felt like they were on… Continue reading Fractions, Food and more … Fractions!

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Heart Health

Today my grade 8 science class was fortunate enough to take part in a video conference with Dr. Graydon Raymer of Nipissing University. Students learned about the heart and heart health. Throughout the presentation, students were able to use Twitter to ask questions and remain engaged in the presentation. The feedback from the class was great… Continue reading Heart Health

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Dog House Project

For the months of November and December we worked on the concepts of surface area and volume in math class. Throughout the unit students engaged in inquiry based classes where rather than providing them a formula, I gave them shapes on grid (or plain white) paper and asked them to use their prior knowledge to… Continue reading Dog House Project

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The Cell Analogy: Completed Products

We’ve completed the “Cell Analogy Project” in grade 8 Science. Below is a child’s story written by one student and some photos of products made by others, including an analogy to the show “Vampire Diaries”, a restaurant, Santa’s Workshop, a computer, a beehive and a soccer team. I’m extremely proud of the work my students… Continue reading The Cell Analogy: Completed Products

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The Cell Analogy

In Science class we are currently learning about the cell and the students are working on creating a product to demonstrate their learning through analogies. Some students are writing a cell story, others are making a comic, a rap (or song), a newscast, etc. Each student has been given the opportunity to personalize his or… Continue reading The Cell Analogy