Grade 7 Math

I strive to make my mathematics class engaging and authentic, which at times can be challenging.

Hotel Project
When teaching students about the relationship between percent, decimals and fractions for their final unit project I had students design a room in a hostel. Each student was given $20,000 to complete the project with a 15% discount and 5% GST. This tested students understanding of adding decimals, discounts and GST. Additionally, it allowed students to shop for items and see the costs of “real life”. Many students throughout this project came up to me and said, “Mr. B, if this is what growing up is like, I’m not ready yet! It’s a lot of work!” Students were able to demonstrate their understanding of intended concepts, but learned the more valuable lesson of things they will need to consider when growing up and considering moving out.

Divisibility War
Students played divisibility war to practice their divisibility rules. This game is very similar to the standard card game war, except it uses math (which makes it way cooler!)

Digital Story
Students created digital fraction stories on iMovie. Each story needed to show evidence of fractions, factors and multiples in day-to-day life.

Lego Math
To teach students about fractions (adding and subtracting with like and unlike denominators) I used Lego. Each student was given a period to make any masterpiece they chose. They then recorded the number of pieces by colour and number of pegs. Each student was then given various levelled sheets to practice adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators.

Final Math 7 Project

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