Grade 8 Final Project

Grade 8 Math, Science, Humanities and Health Final Project. This project was designed to go along with Calgary’s bid for the 2026 Olympics.

Logo Handout
Students were asked to design a logo for the 2026 Olympics

Olympic Mascot
Students created mascots for the Calgary games. In addition, they were asked to chose a theme song written by a Canadian artist for the games.

Language Arts Part B: Written Final Exam
Students were given an article (Making A Case For The Games – Article) to read and then asked to write an essay or persuasive letter explaining whether they think Calgary should make a bid for the Olympic games or not.

Mo_ Money Mo_ Problems
Students looked into the costs and benefits of hosting the Olympic games. Using previous games they came up with estimates and created graphs to represent the costs of hosting the games.

Facilities and Logistics
Students were asked to determine the type of facilities they would need to host the Olympics and use a map of Calgary determine the location of these facilities. Finally, students were asked to use their understanding of percent and area to design one facility for the games.

The Science of an Olympian
Students took on the role of a nutritionist and personal trainer. Looking into one of Canada’s Olympic athletes students designed a training/meal plan for their athlete. In addition, students looked into the impact of their training/meals on the athletes cardiovascular, muscular and digestive systems.