Grade 8 Math

Dinner Party
To teach the concept of unit price, students were asked to plan a feast for their peers. As a class we went to Safeway / CO-OP and students were given the challenge to create the cheapest meal using the Canada Food Guide, to ensure they were making healthy choices.

Dog House Building Project and Modified Doghouse Project
Students built dog house as a final assessment for surface area and volume. Can be seen on blog, under Dog House Project.

Fractions, Food and more … Fractions!
In this project, students increased and decreased various recipes and finally brought in their own recipe that they either increased or decreased to bake for the class.

2018 Welcome to Adulthood Student Workbook
2018 Welcome to Adulthood Student Workbook MODIFIED
In this project students were given an hourly wage and asked to calculate their gross and net salaries. With this information, they were asked to go purchase a house and create a budget. Prior to the project, students were taught about taxes and tax brackets. This project gave students an authentic experience as to “what growing up looks like” showing them that the $10.20/hour they thought was a huge amount of money, really isn’t.

Credit Card Project
Credit Card Project Modified
In this project students were given an assignment that asked them to consider how interest is calculated on credit cards. Students looked into how making only the minimum payments affects the ability to actually pay off the credit card bill.

Vitruvian Man Data Project
To teach students about data collection and to connect with the Renaissance, a concept covered in Grade 8 Humanities, students gathered data on their peers and teachers to determine if the Vitruvian theory was still accurate today. Students engaged in conversation with one another, learned how to measure the height of people, present the data in a clear organized fashion and interpret it.

Wheel of Theodorus Art Project
To wrap up our unit on square numbers, students used their understanding of Pythagorean Theorem to create a piece of art. Students used the Pythagorean Theorem to create a spiral and then decorated their piece of art showing how this spiral is evident in animals/objects/etc. in daily life.

Math March Madness
In this project, students analyzed the popular NCAA March Madness Basketball tournament through the lens of a mathematician. Students used their understanding of probability to work through various problems and showing them how probability is an innate part of this well known tournament. (Credit:

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