Grade 8 Science

Mix and Flow of Matter – Culminating Projects

There were three projects going on at once in the room, so that the needs of each child in the class was met. Projects ranged from designing your own lab completely, to designing aspects of a structured lab or researching hydraulic/pneumatic systems.

Hydraulic and Pneumatics Research Project
Design Your Own Lab
Final Lab Project – Designing a Drink

Cells & Systems

Cell Analogy Project 2015
Students were asked to create an analogy to the organelles in a cell to structures that are familiar to them to help them create connections to their learning. This can be seen as well on my blog,
1. The Cell Analogy
2. The Cell Analogy: Completed Projects.

In 2016, students were studying two nations who have been in conflict in the past. The humanities teacher and I re-designed this project, asking students to create an analogy between the function of the internal structures of their nation and the organelles in a cell.

Cell Analogy Project 2016
Cell Analogy Rubric

Body System and Disease Project

Students were given the task of creating a website to present their information regarding a specific disease. Students were given a Google Doc to collaborate with one another, compile information and  develop their understanding of the technology that is available to them. Students were also asked to provide proper references in APA style. These websites were then shared with a class in London, England.
Body System and Disease Project
Body System and Disease Rubric
Body System & Disease graphic organizer
References using APA


Mechanical Systems

Rube Goldberg Project 2014
During the 2014-2015 school year I taught at a school with both a Traditional Learning (TLC) and Community program. This was a cross program project where students from the TLC and Community classes worked together to complete the task. Students worked with people they’d never worked with/or been in a class with. This was done to support our school development plan focused on student-student, student-teacher and student-learning relationships.
Rube Goldberg Project 2016


The Leaving Footprints Unit Project

Students were asked to choose an invention and inventor from the time of the Renaissance and look at how the worldview during that time impacted the need for and the design of the invention. Students then looked at how the invention changed through time and how changing worldview’s have influenced these changes.

Fresh & Salt Water Systems

Humanitarian Design Project
Throughout this unit we engaged in conversations around a young girl named Tikho and the struggles her and her family were experiencing in Zambia. Students were then given the task to analyze a water problem of their choice (cleanliness, access to water, etc.) and design and build a working prototype to solve this problem. Some of the inventions students came up with completely blew my mind!

Regional Servicing Project
This project was created with Russ Dueck, a City of Calgary engineer working in Water Services. Russ came into my class to pose the following question to my students:

Langdon is in need of new water and wastewater servicing to meet the growing demands of the hamlet. They are looking at various options including potential piped connections to the City of Calgary.

Students took on the role of the engineer. After Russ’ presentation students engaged in activities in class to determine the best option to meet the town of Langdon’s needs. Each group put together a portfolio of their work. Russ presented them with several options. In their portfolio students took into account the cost of each option and looked at the PRO’s and CON’s from a political, societal and economic viewpoint. Students used this information to produce a map showing their chosen water route, and wrote a report justifying their choice. One week after Russ’ presentation he came back to check-in on the classes progress and provide feedback on their work.

Light and Optical Systems

House of Mirrors
In this project students were hired on by the organizers of the Calgary Stampede Midway and were asked to design a House of Mirrors. This incorporated students understanding of the law of reflection and concave/convex mirrors.

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